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Making money in mold removal is a choice.  You can chose an approach which is a single day clean and protect, or a multiday.  A single day obviously requires a fraction of the labor of a multiday.  In today's labor market, spending less time on a job not only makes you more money, it can actually be the determining factor to taking on work. We have been told contractors have the jobs, but are short the people to do the work.

The products that you use to remove mold either speed you up, and allow you to remove mold and protect from re-growth all in one day, or on the other hand, slow you down and force you to spend an extra day or two on the job site.  The OmniPro Mold System is the accelerator!!

Our new profit building app proves to you that our one day approach is the way to go .  Click the link below to be taken to our app site.  See for your self.   It's easy to use.

The app is really quite powerful.  It not only shows you products needed for a specific sized job, it also forces one to quantify cost of consumables that are used on every job, incorporating your labor costs, and setting a hard profit target.  You always get to compare the costs associated with all of this for a one day vs two day approach to removing mold in an attic or a crawl space.  Finally you end up with a total quote, a per sq. ft. quote, and a profit forecast.

Watch a Short Video Overview of The Profit Building App

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 Instructions for Installation:

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